Welcome to Environmental Consultants & Affiliates Network’s (ECAN) online Learning Management System (LMS) series of courses.

The courses have been researched and developed by ECAN’s professional education team and recorded by our various professional instructors. Our professional instructors are, or have been, actively involved in the courses they are presenting to you.  Because of this, not only will you receive the most up-to-date training, you will hear about actual situations and circumstances that have been endured by them, how they overcame those issues, and how explanations were provided to the clients. Not to mention, they will also give you some marketing pointers and potential clients to research.

When you access the course you will find the course manuals and many other items, some that are referred to within the courses. These items are all able to be downloaded. Please note, if you are using an iPad you may have to use the browser version and not the mobile app.

The courses will have modules with quizzes at the end of each section. When you take the module quizzes, you can only take them once. You do not need to take the quizzes again, but please review your answers.

Also, when you complete the course, please contact us to receive your certification of completion and information on state exams if applicable.

You will have access to the materials until your certificate is issued. If the system detects non activity of 180 days, the system will suspend the account until you contact us to log you back in.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with the site, please email info@ECANLLC.com or call 570-505-1172.

Happy Learning...

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